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 "Corporate Fatigue", "Culture Risk Analysis"

and I'm a 'People Helper' with a Passion. 

Understanding My Passion

 With 25-years experience in delivering Personal and Corporate Training and Psychological Services, I have travelled throughout South East Asia coaching individuals and conducting Project Management, and Corporate In-House behaviour based workshops. 

After many, many meetings and conversations with Executives, Senior Managers, HR Managers, Project Managers and employee workshop attendees  across an array of industries, I realised some of the common risks and major elements that were missing in their approach to developing their working cultures

So I set about designing and developing a Human Centred, 'Cloud' based system that any Corporation, Organisation or Business could use to develop and cultivate their management teams and workforce to create more cohesive and effective working cultures.

The objective is to get meaningful risk information to decision-makers fast to minimize costs associated with dissatisfied and de-motivated staff, staff transiency and poor leadership effectiveness.

And of course to build upon and develop further those that are committed, competent and self-motivated and demonstrate leadership potential.  



Sojourn Into IT

From beginnings in IT Operations, to systems design and integrations I decided a transition was in order after being constantly bewildered as to why these amazing systems that saved so much money, time and effort, took so long to implement and in the process caused so much concern, fear and anxiety amongst managers and employees.


Changes that I thought were exciting and good for everyone.


Motivated I looked deeper at the Human psyche  at work and the factors that were really driving these organisations.

Real happiness at work seemed so rare and pressure and stress coupled with fears of failing, dominated.

A new and exciting path was unfolding in front of me, guiding me towards the inner journey's we all have to face. 

The Mental Labyrinth

After exiting IT l would go on to spend the next decade plus, studying Psychology, Abnormal-Psychology, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy, Behaviours associated with Sleep Disorders & Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety, Neuro - Linguistic Programming and other supportive modalities.


From here I developed workshops to help participants build resilience to work based conditions that create emotional and physical upheavals.      


Working with Corporations I delivered workshops to address the common issues associated with mental & physical fatigue in the shiftworking environment, personal motivations, leadership, performance and how mental attitudes and learned behaviours are cultivated whilst people live and work during their lives.  

Global Problems

After accepting an invitation to facilitate leadership and soft skills workshops for major enterprises, the opportunity arose to assess how larger international organisations perform in developing excellence across their multiple branches. This I continue to do. 

This added a new dimension to understanding the real leadership and employee behaviours that are presented and which positively and negatively influence the development of working cultures and performance.


Delivering workshops to so many companies, exposed me to the reality that they all 'suffer' from the same issues, regardless of their size.


The issues were and still are Global and transcend ethnic origins, beliefs and cultures. These issues are also incredibly costly across many levels.


It also proved to me how similar we all are - yet different.


The common denominator - The quality of relationships.

Global Solutions

'Global Solutions' is mentioned specifically because in efforts to help address these major global organisational issues we have developed a Human Centred 'Cloud' based working culture risk system.


The issues facing organisations regardless of size - are the prevailing conditions that negatively affect personal happiness, across 3 key fundamental areas:


  • Professional and Personal Relationships

  • Emotional Energy Management

  • Achievement & Success


We live in a relative world, so how we relate to these 3 areas and what the outcomes mean to us or more importantly how they can threaten us and how we react, is crucial to achieving our personal goals and dreams.


The basis of personal happiness is an amazing driving force, however it is a continuously volatile and moving platform. And this is what makes maintaining it (and Life) tricky.


We have however, created solutions to better manage these moving platforms and help address these fundamental areas of life to find happiness at work and at play. 


Core Areas




Just some of the Companies

that I have/had the pleasure of


The Culture Risk Analysis

Designed for Executives and Senior Management, the (CRA) provides a company-wide analysis of working culture risk that gives a transparent account of exactly what motivates and demotivates staff.  

From this employers are able to identify the patterns and risks associated with the quality of inter-relationships that affect satisfaction, staff losses, profitability, work culture and commitment.

Biological Business


The Biological Business offers human centred solutions that help develop strong dynamic businesses that support positive leadership, accountability, motivation, innovation and personal development.

These form the solid foundations of any successful business and where staff are happy to be associated.  



Many people feel overwhelmed with the pressures of work, regardless of standing, academic achievements or wealth.

Learning how to build resilience and manage personal responses to what is happening and maintain mental balance under pressure, is a great asset.

Our tools offer a strategic approach to improving performance by managing emotional energy.

Emotional Energy Management

The Corporate environment is not for the faint hearted. The inter-relationships between manager, colleagues, working culture and work duties can take its' toll and be quite demanding.
Learn to dramatically reduce the Mental & Physical impact stress and pressure has on work and health and relationships both personal and professionals.

Practical strategies help build resilience to negative everyday situations and allow greater focus on duties.

Understanding the mind/body connection and applying the practical approaches, paves the way for greater confidence and better experiences at work. 

Ultimate Shiftworker Program

The ShiftWorker workshop is experiential and designed specifically for those that work shifts.

Sleep is critical in maintaining health and cognitive capability so the workshop teaches practical methods on how to improve sleep and better manage the physical and emotional upheavals that shiftwork brings.

It's not easy living with a shiftworker so partners will benefit too.

Attendees come away with a practical tool kit they can use literally for the rest of their lives.


Every shiftworker requires this.

Resilience Toolkit for Managers 

Delivering the leadership qualities that executives and managers must constantly demonstrate consume masses of energy.

Enhance leadership capability and Learn how to:

- Recharge energy levels quickly

- Obtain Clarity of Mind - rapidly

- Learn how to stop invasive thought

- Reach a calming relaxing state instantly

- Invoke creativity for decision making

- Remove physical stress instantly

This short workshop is an absolute must for people in high pressured demanding positions.

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